Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation Solutions and devices including Smart Bulb Lightning, Bluetooth Audio, Power Solutions and Security Accessories.

Smart Bulbs

Smart Bulbs

Smart Light Bulbs for home automation lighting featuring energy efficient LED and wireless models controlled from a mobile phone & tablet.

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New Smart IR USB Type-C Infrared Adapter / TV Remote Controller for Mobile Phone

Product no.: R09-T

Delivery weight: 105 g

New Smart IR Infrared Adapter / Universal TV Remote / Air Conditioner Controller for iPhone / iPad

Product no.: R09-L

Delivery weight: 105 g

New Xiaomi Imilab A1 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera / Motion Detection / Night Vision

Product no.: CMSXJ19E

Reduced $129.95
Delivery weight: 395 g

Anti-Spy Portable Pen / Hidden Camera Detector / Wifi Signal Bug Tester

Product no.: WT09

Delivery weight: 215 g

Smart EMF Detector / Electromagnetic Field Sensor / Handheld Radiation Tester

Product no.: ST1393

Reduced $79.95
Delivery weight: 145 g

Wall Mounted Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser / Temperature Display (Infrared Sensor)

Product no.: MYX-W1

Delivery weight: 430 g

Large 3D LED Wall / Desk Clock / 12-24 Hour Digital Display / Snooze Alarm

Product no.: EN8810

Delivery weight: 275 g

Galaxy Starry Night Light Projector / Rotating LED Bedroom Lamp / Colourful Nebula

Product no.: HR-A1

Delivery weight: 900 g

Avantree TV (Digital / Optical) Bluetooth Audio Wireless Transmitter / Headphones (aptX)

Product no.: BTHT-4189-BLK

Delivery weight: 580 g

Avantree Quartet (4-in-1) 2.4G RF Wireless Headphones / Audio Transmitter (100m Range)

Product no.: WSHT-5049

Delivery weight: 1,950 g

Avantree Orbit (Long Range) Bluetooth 5.0 / TV Audio / Wireless Transmitter (aptX-LL)

Product no.: BTTC-580-TTN

Delivery weight: 695 g

45W (4-Port) USB PD (Type-C) / QC3.0 / Charging Station Stand for Phone / Tablet

Product no.: LMH-PW016-PD

Delivery weight: 595 g

Colourful LED Party Ice Bucket / Champagne Cooler / Wine Beer Drinks Holder (5L)

Product no.: 860500296A

Delivery weight: 515 g

Baseus i-wok LED Horizontal Lamp Bar / Desktop Monitor Screen Light (3-modes)

Product no.: DGIWK-B01

Delivery weight: 825 g

Baseus Star Silent Mosquito Killer Trap / UV Attraction / USB Desk Lamp

Product no.: ACMWD-HX02

Delivery weight: 600 g

Baseus Energy Outdoor (2-Pack) LED Outdoor Wall Lamp / Motion Sensor Light / Solar Panel

Product no.: DGNEN-D01

Delivery weight: 845 g

Baseus Energy Outdoor (4-Pack) LED Outdoor Wall Lamp / Motion Sensor Light / Solar Panel

Product no.: DGNEN-B01

Delivery weight: 880 g

(3-in-1) Handyman Tool / Tape Measure (5.5m) / Laser Light Aligner / Spirit Level

Product no.: LV-05

Delivery weight: 410 g

Avantree Ensemble Bluetooth Audio / Wireless Transmitter / Headphones / Charging Stand

Product no.: BTHT-5150-BLK

Delivery weight: 820 g

Avantree Audition Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (aptX / NFC)

Product no.: BTHS-AS9-BLK

Reduced $89.95
Delivery weight: 400 g

Baseus Mini (Clip-On) LED Reading Light / Desk Night Lamp / Bendable Arm

Product no.: DGRAD-0G

Delivery weight: 170 g

Avantree Audikast Plus (Dual Link) Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Wireless Transmitter (aptX-LL)

Product no.: BTTC-418-P-BLK

Reduced $99.95
Delivery weight: 195 g

Avantree Aria Podio Bluetooth Wireless Headphones & Charging Stand (ANC / aptX-HD)

Product no.: BTHS-AS90T-BLK

Delivery weight: 1,400 g

96W (8-Port) USB Charging Station / Desktop Holder Stand for Phone / Tablet - Black

Product no.: X6

Reduced $129.95
Delivery weight: 800 g

800 LM (48 LED) Aluminium Outdoor Garden Wall Light / Motion Sensor / Solar Panel

Product no.: HBT-1606

Delivery weight: 720 g

1100 LM (60 LED) Aluminium Outdoor Garden Wall Light / Motion Sensor / Solar Panel

Product no.: NSL-960A

Delivery weight: 990 g

Baseus USB Bluetooth Audio Wireless Receiver to 3.5mm Adapter Cable - Black

Product no.: CABA01-01

Delivery weight: 110 g

Baseus T1 Intelligent Tile / Anti-Loss Alarm / Bluetooth Tracker Card

Product no.: ZLFDQT1-02

Delivery weight: 95 g

9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Home Hub

Product no.: MPSG0300

Delivery weight: 200 g

Avantree Leaf (Long Range) USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter (aptX-LL)

Product no.: BTDG-50-WGR

Reduced $59.95
Delivery weight: 130 g

Avantree Oasis Plus (Long Range) Bluetooth Audio Wireless Transmitter / Receiver (aptX-HD)

Product no.: BTTC-500P-GRY

Delivery weight: 325 g

Laser WiFi Smart Home Appliance Power Switch / Wireless Controller

Product no.: PW-W3

Reduced $59.95
Delivery weight: 200 g

Laser 20W Multi-Room Wi-Fi Stereo Speaker / AllPlay / Spotify / DLNA

Product no.: SPK-WFQ10-WHT

Reduced $179.95
Delivery weight: 2,200 g

Xiaomi Yeelight (E27) Smart LED Light Bulb - Colour (RGBW)

Product no.: YLDP02YL

Reduced $59.95
Delivery weight: 245 g

Smart Toilet Bowl Night Light / 8 Colour LED / Motion Sensor Activated

Product no.: SYA000751

Delivery weight: 115 g

Present Time Foldable Foot Rest Stool / Storage Cube - Blue (Felt)

Product no.: PT2612BL

Reduced $69.95
Delivery weight: 2,650 g
1 - 36 of 44 results