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DIY Google Cardboard VR 3D Glasses Headset (XL Edition)

Product no.: EPATH-334753

The extra large edition of Google Cardboard is a DIY headset kit adding VR or virtual reality functionality for larger mobile phones.

Delivery weight: 125 g

A8 Augmented Reality AR Toy Gun Bluetooth Game Controller for Phones

Product no.: DS0126

The Varpark A8 Augmented Reality Toy Gun Controller for mobile phones turns the whole world around you into a battlefield of gaming fun.

Reduced $69.95
Delivery weight: 550 g

Google HD Cardboard 2.0 (3rd Gen) Virtual Reality Headset for Phones

Product no.: G-CARD-3

Google Cardboard v2 includes HD optical lenses that increase screen clarity for sharper virtual reality fun with iPhone and Android phones.

Delivery weight: 175 g

Baseus Vdream Mini VR Virtual Reality Headset Compact Foldable Glasses

Product no.: VRBASE3D-VI01

The Baseus Vdream Virtual Reality 3D Glasses features a remarkable design - it's completely foldable so you can take it anywhere.

Reduced $39.95
Delivery weight: 170 g

Ritech Riem 3 VR Virtual Reality HD Headset (Bluetooth Remote) - Black

Product no.: 10990233A

The Ritech Riem 3 VR Headset is a mid-level virtual reality set with HD optical lenses for clear viewing and Bluetooth controller in Black.

Reduced $49.95
Delivery weight: 380 g

BoBo VR Z4 Mini HD Virtual Reality Headset (3D Glasses) - White

Product no.: 10990440A

The BoBo VR Z4 Mini Virtual Reality Headset for phones features HD PMMA lenses, a large FOV, adjustable focal length and cushioned padding.

Delivery weight: 495 g

BoBo VR Z4 3D Virtual Reality HD Headset & Headphones for Mobile Phone

Product no.: 10990303A

The BoBo VR Z4 Virtual Reality Headset for smartphones packs a HD punch with an all-in-one solution for hardcore VR enthusiasts.

Reduced $89.95
Delivery weight: 765 g