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Aukey PA-Y5 (54W) 5-Port USB Type-C Fast Charger + Quick Charge 3.0

Product no.: PA-Y5

The Aukey PA-Y5 5-Port USB and Type-C Wall Charger features Quick Charge 3.0 & AIPower for the fastest charging of phones and tablets.

Reduced $79.95
Delivery weight: 335 g

65W Power Supply Charger Adapter - Microsoft Surface Pro 6 / 5 / Book

Product no.: LA0500

The 65W Power Supply Charger for Surface Pro 6 is a certified replacement AC adapter with magnetic cable, high power output, USB port.

Reduced $79.95
Delivery weight: 325 g

Baseus 6A Dual USB Charger & World Travel Power Adapter

Product no.: ACCHZ-01

The Baseus World Travel Adapter is a dual USB wall charger for fast charging a mobile phone with 2-pole and 3-pole sockets in 200 countries.

Reduced $49.95
Delivery weight: 195 g

Laser 90W USB Type-C Power Supply Charger for MacBook / Phone / Tablet

Product no.: AO-UC90PW

The Laser 90W USB Type-C Power Supply is a universal fast charger for phones, tablets and laptops including 15-inch MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

Reduced $99.95
Delivery weight: 495 g

Baseus Energy 2500mAh Power Bank Lightning Cable for iPhone / iPad

Product no.: CALXU-01

The Baseus Energy 2500mAh Power Bank features a 2-in-1 design with fixed fast charging Lightning cable for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Reduced $39.95
Delivery weight: 155 g

Aukey CC-Y3 (49.5W) 3-Port USB & Type-C Fast Car Charger + QC 3.0

Product no.: CC-Y3

The Aukey CC-Y3 USB Car Charger for phones and tablets offers Quick Charge 3.0 and AiPower with Type-C female port and 49.5W power output.

Delivery weight: 130 g

SKROSS MUV Micro 2.5A World Travel Adapter & Dual USB Charger (2-Pole)

Product no.: SK-1.302820

The Skross MUV Micro World Travel Adapter for mobile phones features a 2-piece design with dual USB charger supporting over 150 countries.

Reduced $69.95
Delivery weight: 230 g

25W 4-Port USB Quick Charge 3.0 + Type-C Travel Adapter Wall Charger

Product no.: KP-4U

The 25W 4-Port USB Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger with Type-C for mobile phones and tablets is a travel companion with interchangeable plugs.

Reduced $49.95
Delivery weight: 249 g

Dual 3.5mm Airline Plane Headphone Jack Splitter Audio Travel Adapter

Product no.: EARA-3530

The Double 3.5mm Airplane Headphone Jack Splitter is a gold plated audio adapter for use with onboard aircraft plugs.

Delivery weight: 45 g

Samsung 15W Travel Adapter with USB Type-C Adaptive Fast Charger

Product no.: EP-TA20HWECGAU

The Samsung 15W Travel Adapter features Adaptive Fast Charge and USB-Type-C connector cable for Compatible devices.

Reduced $49.95
Delivery weight: 140 g

SKROSS PRO 10A World USB Travel Adapter & High Power Charger (3-Pole)

Product no.: SK-1.302535

The SKROSS PRO World & USB Travel Adapter & Wall Charger supports 2-pole & 3-pole sockets and laptops up to 16A load in over 220 countries.


Delivery weight: 270 g

Skross Buzz Alarm Charging Cable - Micro USB & MFi Lightning Connector

Product no.: 700212

The Skross Buzz 2-in-1 Alarm Cable features a Micro USB and Lightning Connector to charge and sync your phone or tablet wherever you travel.

Reduced $59.95
Delivery weight: 95 g

Zuoqi Dual USB Car Charger / Safety Glass Hammer / Seat Belt Cutter

Product no.: ZQ-C101

The Zuoqi Metal Safety Hammer & Seat Belt Cutter can easily break through car windows and seat belts in emergencies.

Reduced $39.95
Delivery weight: 185 g

Laser 4-Pack International Travel Adapter Plug & Connector Kit

Product no.: PW-4ADAPT

The Laser International Travel Adapter Kit converts common Australian plug travel appliances to and from those countries you plan to visit.

Delivery weight: 225 g

SKROSS MUV 2.5A World Travel Adapter & Dual USB Wall Charger (2-Pole)

Product no.: SK-1.302920

The SKROSS MUV World Travel Power Adapter is a portable USB charger which is compact, versatile and compatible in over 220 countries.

Reduced $79.95
Delivery weight: 205 g

4Geeks 15W 3A Quick Charge 2.0 USB Fast Wall Charger & Power Adapter

Product no.: LS-QW15
The Quick Charge 2.0 USB Wall Charger charges your compatible mobile phone or tablet up to 75% faster than standard power adapters.
Reduced $49.95
Delivery weight: 125 g

Samsung 5V/9V Micro USB Adaptive Fast Charging Travel Charger - White

Product no.: EP-TA20HWEUGAU

The Samsung Micro USB 9V Fast Charge Adapter supports Adaptive Fast Charging technology charging a battery from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes.

Delivery weight: 125 g

Haweel 9.6A Passenger 4-Port USB Fast Car Charger + 1.8m Long Cable

Product no.: HWL-3001B

The Haweel 4-Port USB Car Charger features a 9.6A power output and 1.8m extendable hub for the charging needs of passengers in the backseat.

Reduced $49.95
Delivery weight: 180 g

Magnetic Car Charger & Power Cable for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 / Pro 3

Product no.: 32160002A

The Car Charger with Magnetic Cable for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Pro 3 is a power adapter to keep your tablet fast charged.

Reduced $49.95
Delivery weight: 100 g

LVSun 60W USB Type-C Power Supply Charger for MacBook Pro / Laptop

Product no.: LS-PD60

The LVSun 60W Universal Type-C Charger is a handy MacBook Charger and Laptop Power Supply but also charges smartphones and tablets.

Reduced $89.95
Delivery weight: 395 g

Baseus Enjoy 5.5A Quad USB Port Fast Car Charger + Cable (1.5m)

Product no.: CCTON-01

The Baseus Enjoy 5.5A Quad USB Car Charger Set offers 4x fast charging ports for front seat and back seat passenger with 1.5m cable.

Reduced $39.95
Delivery weight: 125 g

3-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Pad + 6700mAh Power Bank + USB-C Charger

Product no.: KP-Super

The 3-in-1 Super Charger features Qi Wireless Charging Pad, 6700mAh Power Bank Battery and USB Type-C charger for mobile phone and tablet.

Reduced $59.95
Delivery weight: 295 g