Kitchenware & Cooking

Kitchenware & Cooking

Kitchenware and cooking utensils for geeks including egg cup holders, cookie cutters, pot lifters, drink coasters, bottler pourers and more gadgets.

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Large Portable Camera Zoom Lens Insulated Thermos Coffee Mug (400ml)

Product no.: S-OG-0702L

Delivery weight: 190 g

The Goonies - Copper Bones Skeleton Key Bottle Cap Opener

Product no.: FAC408515

Delivery weight: 95 g

Back to the Future - Marty McFly Hover Board Bottle Cap Opener

Product no.: FAC408917

Delivery weight: 110 g

Colourful LED Party Ice Bucket / Champagne Cooler / Wine Beer Drinks Holder (5L)

Product no.: 860500296A

Delivery weight: 515 g

Digital LCD Screen / Alcohol Breathalyser / Self Checking / Breath Tester

Product no.: CMS5287

Delivery weight: 100 g

Mini Camera Lens Shot Glass / Thermal Coffee Mug (with keychain)

Product no.: S-HC-0639

Delivery weight: 110 g

Large 3D LED Wall / Desk Clock / 12-24 Hour Digital Display / Snooze Alarm

Product no.: EN8810

Delivery weight: 275 g

Spill-Proof Smart Grip Portable Travel Coffee Mug (470mL) - Black

Product no.: HC8698H

Delivery weight: 495 g

Digital LCD Wine Bottle Thermometer Bracelet & Temperature Reader

Product no.: HHC-2392

Delivery weight: 105 g

Fred & Friends Muncha Libre Wrestler Cookie Cutter & Stamps

Product no.: MUNCHA

Delivery weight: 160 g

Rocket Plug 'N' Play Pourer Cap - Red

Product no.: PLUGN-RED

Delivery weight: 100 g

Rocket Plug 'N' Play Pourer Cap - Yellow

Product no.: PLUGN-YEL

Delivery weight: 100 g

Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Tray Maker / Chocolate Ball Mould

Product no.: S-HC-0545D

Delivery weight: 145 g

Digital Measuring Kitchen Spoon / LCD Display / Weight Scale

Product no.: S-EDS-0141

Delivery weight: 135 g

Fred & Friends Letter Pressed Numbers Cookie Cutters & Stamps (10-set)

Product no.: LPN

Delivery weight: 249 g

Fred & Friends Undead Fred Zombie Cookie Cutters (3-set)

Product no.: UNDEAD

Delivery weight: 110 g

Haweel Flexible Octopus Tripod Mount / Desktop Stand / Phone Holder

Product no.: HWL-6400

Delivery weight: 110 g