Soundbar Speakers for TV home theatres featuring crystal clear surround sound, built-in subwoofers, card readers, Bluetooth connectivity with wireless and wired models available.

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Yesido Lightning to 3.5mm Aux Jack (Male) Audio Adapter Cable (1m) for iPhone / iPad

Product no.: YAU35

Delivery weight: 95 g

EMK (1-to-2) Toslink Splitter / Digital Optical Audio Adapter Cable (20cm)

Product no.: S-PC-0085B

Delivery weight: 80 g

3.5mm Auxiliary (Male) to RCA Splitter (Female) / Stereo Audio Adapter / Extension Cable (31cm)

Product no.: S-PC-0959

Delivery weight: 45 g

(2-in-1) TRS 6.35mm to 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack (Female) Audio Adapter

Product no.: MI0118

Delivery weight: 45 g

3.5mm Auxiliary Jack to RCA (Female) Audio Splitter Adapter (2-Pack)

Product no.: S-PC-0967

Delivery weight: 45 g

Avantree Leaf (Long Range) USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter (aptX-LL)

Product no.: BTDG-50-WGR

Reduced $59.95
Delivery weight: 130 g

EMK Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable (1m)

Product no.: PC0752

Delivery weight: 85 g

EMK Toslink (Long) Digital Optical Audio Cable (1.5m)

Product no.: PC0753

Delivery weight: 90 g

EMK Toslink (Extra Long) Digital Optical Audio Cable (2m)

Product no.: PC0754

Delivery weight: 95 g

Laser 20W Multi-Room Wi-Fi Stereo Speaker / AllPlay / Spotify / DLNA

Product no.: SPK-WFQ10-WHT

Reduced $179.95
Delivery weight: 2,200 g

Soundbar (LP-08) Wireless Bluetooth Subwoofer Speaker for Phone / Tablet / TV

Product no.: LP-08

Delivery weight: 790 g