Qi Wireless Charging Devices


UPDATED: 29th April 2022

  • Below is a list of mobile phones and tablets with wireless charging functionality certified for use with Qi Standard wireless charging accessories.
  • Please note some devices may require an additional receiver card or case to enable wireless charging functionality.
  • Feel free to contact us to check if your device supports wireless charging.



Manufacturer Model Support Notes
Apple iPhone 8  
  iPhone 8 Plus  
  iPhone X  
  iPhone Xr  
  iPhone Xs  
  iPhone Xs Max  
  iPhone 11  
  iPhone 11 Pro  
  iPhone 11 Pro Max  
  iPhone 12  
  iPhone 12 Mini  
  iPhone 12 Pro  
  iPhone 12 Pro Max  
  iPhone 13  
  iPhone 13 Mini  
  iPhone 13 Pro  
  iPhone 13 Pro Max  
  iPhone SE (2nd Gen)  
  iPhone SE (3rd Gen)  
  Watch Series 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6*
  Watch SE Series 1*
BlackBerry Priv  
Google Nexus 4  
  Nexus 5  
  Nexus 6  
  Pixel 3  
  Pixel 3 XL  
  Pixel 4  
  Pixel 4 XL  
  Pixel 5  
  Pixel 6  
  Pixel 6 Pro  
HTC Droid DNA  
  Droid Incredible (4G LTE)  
  Droid Incredible 2  
Huawei Mate 20 Pro  
  Mate 30 Pro  
  P20 Pro  
  P30 Pro  
  P40 Pro  
  P50 Pro  
LG G3  
  G3 Prime  
  G4 some models require receiver card
  G6 select region specific models only
  G7 ThinQ  
  G8S ThinQ  
  Optimus G Pro  
  Optimus G Pro 2  
  V40 ThinQ  
  V50 ThinQ 5G  
  Velvet 5G  
Microsoft Lumia 950  
  Lumia 950 XL  
Motorola Droid Bionic  
  Droid Maxx 2  
  Moto 360  
  Ultra M  
Nokia 8 Sirocco  
  9 PureView  
  Lumia 720 requires additional charging case
  Lumia 820 requires additional charging case
  Lumia 830  
  Lumia 920  
  Lumia 925 requires additional charging case
  Lumia 930  
  Lumia 1020 requires additional charging case
  Lumia 1520  
OnePlus 8 Pro  
  9 Pro  
  10 Pro  
Oppo Find X3 Pro  
  Find X5  
  Find X5 Pro  
Razer Phone 2  
Samsung Galaxy Fold  
  Galaxy Note 2 requires additional receiver card
  Galaxy Note 3 requires wireless receiver card
  Galaxy Note 4 requires wireless receiver card
  Galaxy Note 5  
  Galaxy Note 7  
  Galaxy Note 8  
  Galaxy Note 9  
  Galaxy Note 10  
  Galaxy Note 10 5G  
  Galaxy Note 10+  
  Galaxy Note 10+ 5G  
  Galaxy Note 20  
  Galaxy Note 20 Ultra  
  Galaxy Note Edge requires additional charging case
  Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition)  
  Galaxy S3 requires additional receiver card
  Galaxy S4 requires additional receiver card
  Galaxy S5 requires additional receiver card
  Galaxy S6  
  Galaxy S6 Edge  
  Galaxy S6 Edge+  
  Galaxy S7  
  Galaxy S7 Edge  
  Galaxy S8  
  Galaxy S8+  
  Galaxy S9  
  Galaxy S9+  
  Galaxy S10  
  Galaxy S10+  
  Galaxy S10e  
  Galaxy S10 5G  
  Galaxy S20  
  Galaxy S20+  
  Galaxy S20 FE 5G  
  Galaxy S20 Ultra  
  Galaxy S21 5G  
  Galaxy S21+ 5G  
  Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G  
  Galaxy S21 FE 5G  
  Galaxy S22  
  Galaxy S22+  
  Galaxy S22 Ultra  
  Galaxy Z Flip  
  Galaxy Z Flip3  
  Galaxy Z Fold3  
Sony Xperia XZ2  
  Xperia XZ2 Premium  
  Xperia XZ3  
  Xperia 1 II  
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S  
  Mi Mix 3  
  Mi Mix 4  
ZTE Telstra Tough Max (T84)  


*Apple Watch unofficially supports Qi Standard.