Getting Fit Over Winter? Great Gadgets we think...

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Getting Fit Over Winter? Great Gadgets we think you'll need.

Getting fit, or staying fit during winter is hard. It's dark, rainy and in some parts of Australia as soon as the sun disappears it gets really cold, really quick.
Most 'normal' animals do the right thing and stay out of the cold. Bears for example eat themselves silly just before the cold, then just sleep all through the winter until it's warm enough to come out again! (that'd be the life...). If you are going to stay fit, you need the right tools for the job, and we think we've put together a pretty good list of the essentials you'll need. 
1. Keeping warm while getting fit outdoors.
Whether it's a beanie or ear-muffs, you can now keep your head warm while having your head warmer be functional. Headphone Beanie
These cool beanies from Twitfish (available in Grey, Pink and Striped Black) have headphones built in that allow you to listen to your music or podcasts while you get fit and fight that cold winter chill. They work with any smartphone, tablet or PS Vita (for when you're on the bus or train commuting to work).
Headphone Ear-MuffThe Ear-Muffs from Twitfish have a wrap around style to let you wear a hat with a visor for those early morning jogs (or if you don't want to ruin your expertly styled hair on your way out and about). Available in Blur Fur, Purple Fur, Suede Grey, Black Knit, Brown Knit and a special Winter Style Knit, we have all colours to match any style. The sound quality on these are great, and guaranteed to keep you warm while battling the winter cold.  
2. Where do I keep my phone and keys if it rains?
Do you take a carry a waterproof backpack? Argh, so bulky when on a quick run..
How about I just keep my phone in my pocket and hope it stays dry? And risk ruining an $800 phone? You're brave!
I know.. i'll use a Glad Bag! Umm seriously? Just no.
The Avantree Multifunction Armband was made for just this scenario.
Made to be universal, it works with even some of today's larger smartphones.Multifunction water resitant armband It boasts enough room for your Keys, Cards and your smartphone all the while keeping them water free with it's water resistant enclosure. It has a headphone jack output hole on the bottom so water doesn't creep in from the top.
It's Premium build quality and ergonomic design means it fits nicely to your arm and doesn't get in the way.
[Editors note: Seriously.. a glad bag?]
3. Gloves, you can't stay warm without keeping your hands nice and cosy!
Knitted Gloves are Knitted Gloves right? Wrong. Here at Gadgets 4 Geeks we like everything to be functional.. and connected. These newly released bluetooth gloves are made especially for those that like everything to be Inspector Gadget Phoneconnected. These bluetooth gloves have an LED notification light, built in microphone and speaker, and a call answer and hang up button.
A phone built into gloves? Remind you of anything? Yep, Inspector Gadget...
These Bluetooth Knitted Gloves have capacitive finger and thumb woven in to allow you to use your smartphone with the gloves on, and when you get a call you just press the answer button, hold your hand up to your face with your thumb in your ear, and your pinky near your mouth. It couldn't be simpler and is much easier to use than dealing with headphone mic cables. Plus you'll look like Inspector Gadget!
What else do you consider essential fitness gadgets? Let us know in the comments below.

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