We are the Australian Authorised Reseller of SKROSS world traveller adapters and USB chargers compatible in over 190 countries.

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T2.5A Replacement Ceramic Fuse for Skross MUV / EVO Travel Adapter

Product no.: T2-5A-C-FUSE

Delivery weight: 19 g

S10A Replacement Slow Blow Fuse for Skross PRO+ World Travel Adapter

Product no.: S10A-SB-FUSE

Delivery weight: 19 g

SKROSS MUV Micro (2.5A) World Travel Adapter / Dual USB Charger (2-Pole)

Product no.: SK-1.302820

Delivery weight: 230 g

SKROSS MUV (2.5A) World Travel Adapter / Dual USB Wall Charger (2-Pole)

Product no.: SK-1.302964

Delivery weight: 245 g