How to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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How to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Our number one question after "Do you sell glass screen protectors?" is "How do I install my glass screen protector?" - so we've done a video showing you exactly what to expect when you purchase a Glass screen protector, and the tips and tricks on how to install it easily and quickly.


Our top 5 tips

Tempered Glass screen protectors are super simple to install - if you've done it before. If you haven't here's our Top 5 tips on how to do it right the first time.

  1. Make sure the area for your screen protector installation is dust and dirt free
  2. Before you prep your phone, get the glass screen protector and make sure you're comfortable on where it's supposed to line up on the phone.
  3. Don't rush! Take your time. It's not a race. Take your time preparing your phones screen and make sure it's 100% dirt, dust and smudge free. 
    The included alcohol wipes will quickly allow you to easily remove bits of dust, oil and whatever else is caked onto your screen.
  4. Once you've cleaned your screen, remove the protector layer on the screen protector. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side you just exposed.
    Keep it face down as to not attract any dust, and line it up over your phone. gently place on and align before adding pressure. Then just put pressure in the middle and watch the screen adhere itself!
  5. Once the screen is on, with a tissue or microfibre cloth gently rub down all edges of the screen protector, and push out any bubbles.
    Try to leave your phone alone for an hour or so and let the screen adhere. give it another rub around the edges and you're done!


Screen protector Installation How-To Video

Once you're comfortable with the tips above, check out our thorough video on how to install your new glass screen protector.
The one below has been installed on the Microsoft Lumia 640, but it's the same principle for applying on any phone.


Where to get one for your phone

To check out our full range of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors click here: Huge range of Tempered Glass Screen protectors

Thanks for checking out our video. 
Any suggestions or requests, please leave a comment below.

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