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Genuine LG G3 Accessories now available from Gadgets 4 Geeks!


The LG G3 is the hottest phone of 2014 so far. If you're getting the korean flagship phone, then nothing goes better than the genuine accessories made by LG.

We have the following Genuine Accessories in stock at Gadgets 4 Geeks:

The Quick Circle cover provides instant access to your notifications, clock, caller ID, camera music player and fitness app. It comes in 5 shiney colours that complement your new highend device.

The Slim case charging is perfect for those that want to keep the sleek feel of the device with adding some impact protection to the corners and side, and the functionality of wireless charging.
The leather texture on the back adds some extra grip and and a nice stylish pattern. 

For those wanting a slim hard case, wireless charging and a bit of extra protection, look no further than the Slim Guard case.

A unique textured back offers increased grip, while the bumper around the phone adds protection, without much bulk.



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