Found a Nexus 6 that was in stock in Sydney?

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Found a Nexus 6 that was in stock in Sydney?

Found a Nexus 6 that was in stock in Sydney?

It's time to cover that mammoth phone...

The Nexus 6 has been very elusive. Even JB Hifi got the phone before Google itself was able to stock it!

If you're one of the lucky ones to get the device, i've bet you've found it even harder to find an Australian stockist of accessories.

We have you (and your phone) covered.
We've had stock of all accessories since launch day.



A few items in stock in our Gladesville NSW warehouse are:

  • Flexis Slim TPU Gel Cases - Minimal bulk, with great all round protection.
  • Air Skin Case - less than a mm thick, this case will give you protection from scratches, while keeping the sleek shape of the phone.
  • LIke to keep your cards and cash with your phone? Go for the Orzly Wallet case. Made of premium materials with a premium finish, this case is sure to impress and provide all round front and back protection.
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protectors - for that premium touch feel, and impact proof tempered 9H glass, this is sure to protect your phone from even the clumsiest of hands.
  • Carbon Fibre texture hard shell - add some protection with some good looks, this case adds extra grip while looking and feeling great.

Head on over to our Nexus 6 Accessory page, or pop into our Gladesville store to try before you buy.


Have you already got your nexus 6? What are your thoughts? Too big? Too small? Just right?


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